OUR APPROACH [Protect. Preserve.]

Today’s radiologists are being asked to do more with less. Declining reimbursements, intensifying competition, and regulatory uncertainty have prompted many to seek help maintaining a high level of quality and service while alleviating the administrative burdens that come with operating a practice.


imrad imaging offers solutions to help radiologists address these challenges head on. From access to greater subspecialty expertise to an industry-leading technology platform, ARIS provides radiologists with the support they need to survive – and thrive.


WORK SMARTER: Powered by Infinitt, imrad’s web-based IT platform allows radiologists to view studies from a variety of RIS/PACS systems on a standard platform while an advanced routing system auto-assigns studies based on sub-specialty credentialing and work schedule.


SUBSPECIALTY EXPERTISE: Drawing on one of the nation’s largest networks of board certified, subspecialized radiologists, imrad helps radiologists expand their subspecialty offerings while improving outcomes and limiting cost.


SUPERIOR QUALITY & SERVICE: imrad draws upon industry best practices, following standardized protocols in key areas identified by The Advisory Board’s Imaging Performance Partnership as critical to maintaining a high level of quality and service.