It’s no secret patient and physician satisfaction can make – or break – a hospital.


Radiology plays a critical role in the experience of patients and referring physicians alike, however, declining reimbursements, growing demand for imaging, and an absence of specific radiologists challenge numerous hospitals – negatively affecting proficiency and setting off a chain response frequently felt all through the clinic.


At imrad, we believe radiology is more than a cost center.


We trust it is the opportunity to reinforce physician relationships, increase patient loyalty and drive better outcomes.


That’s why we work with hospitals and physicians to redefine radiology through custom solutions built on:


A national practice of board certified and subspecialized radiologists


  • Superior quality systems and processes
  • Unmatched speed
  • Stringent reporting requirements
  • Management proficiency and support
  • Complete alignment with your hospital’s strategic goals


The result? A radiology department that serves as a key hospital asset – developing superior patient experiences while increasing physician loyalty.